Everything About Marble Slabs in the GTA for that Wow Factor in GTA Homes

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Everything About Marble Slabs in the GTA for that Wow Factor for Homes in the GTA

No GTA home upgrades speak of permanence like marble slabs. Even if only used in small ways, marble signals quality and longevity. Choosing marble slabs in the GTA for that wow factor to incorporate into your GTA home deserves careful consideration.

How to Distinguish Marble from Other Stones

With many natural stone products on the market, here is how to differentiate between two of the most prevalent stones: marble and granite.
Marble is a distinctive type of stone made from limestone. This metamorphic rock has been used throughout the ages to adorn palace floors, ceilings and walls. Each piece of marble is distinct – the variety in veining and coloring is often considered its best trait. Marble slabs can have an even or less uniform look, depending on the type and quality of marble you purchase. Most high-end marble has a very even colour palette with soft veining.
Granite is composed of 30 per cent quartz and 60 per cent feldspar. Granite tile is known for its strength and is best for hard surface applications where durability and low maintenance is important, such as tiles for kitchen countertops and high traffic floors.
Marble and granite can both be stained by oily or highly coloured foods. So both require resealing every once in a while (every 5 years). Both are relatively heatproof, and they won't scorch; they can withstand heat temperatures up to 1200 Fahrenheit.
Practical considerations aside, marble slabs in the GTA for that wow factor have a look that is possibly more elegant and luxurious than any other natural stone. It has extremely fine crystals, which create a snowy or satiny look and its colours and patterns can be quite dramatic. Granite tends to have larger crystals, perhaps the size of peas or rice grains – creating a coarser look. While granite comes in a range of colours and patterns that is narrower than that of marble slabs.

Before you Buy – Go Local

Think locally when purchasing marble slabs. Showrooms in the GTA have lots of samples and can order the exact stone you are looking for.
Ask an expert if the marble slabs you are interested in is right for your needs. Your first consideration will likely be how it will look in your home.

Using Marble Slabs

There are many ways to integrate marble slabs into your GTA home. Some popular uses include:
  • Kitchen islands
  • Bar tops
  • Shower surrounds
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Flooring
Regardless of how you use marble slabs, select a finish that suits how you plan to use it. For example, a polished finish is perfect for a countertop, but too slippery for a floor in a high traffic area like the bathroom. A honed finish is the most natural-looking, whereas leathering closes marble’s pores and produces a slight sheen.

Transform your GTA Home

Marble slabs can be counted on to look great for many years, given that a regular cleaning and maintenance regimen is incorporated to help it retain its original appearance. The glossiness of marble slabs is one of its most desirable attributes and distinguishable characteristics that simply can't be imitated.
Marble slabs in the GTA for that wow factor add a centuries-old elegance to any GTA home they inhabit.